Construction Damage

At UK Site Painters we have close links with some of the leading steel companies, we work together often on a tight schedule doing touch-up work where the steel has been damaged through erection or modifications on site.

We repair all construction damage either caused by transportation and erection or sometimes a paint problem from the factory where the coating is breaking down.

1) BAE Systems Barrow in Firness

At Barrow in Furness we touched up 3000 tons of steel working up to 160 feet high off cherry pickers. The building is where they are going to build the next generation of nuclear  submarines the Successor.

2) The Range Distribution warehouse Avonmouth

The range distribution warehouse is 1.3 million square feet making it one of the largest distribution warehouses in the country.

3) Marks and Spencers distribution warehouse Bradford

4) Amazon Distribution IPort Doncaster

5) John Lewis milton Keynes

93000 square foot distribution warehouse.

6) Screwfix in Stoke on Trent

This had 30 gridlines in 3 spans painted in screwfix blue with the bottom 3 meters of  250 columns painted yellow.


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