Intumescent paint is applied to steelwork to give protection against fire, this will give the steel 30, 60 and 90 minutes protection depending on the thickness of paint applied. The intumescent coating will expand by up to 100 times its original thickness when exposed to a fire. This expanded layer provides insulation to the underlying steelwork and slows down the rate of heating. This enables the steelwork to achieve the necessary period of fire resistance as defined by the National Buildings Regulation.

We work with leading paint manufacturers to supply and then apply the paint on site.

1) Ebor Stand York racecourse

We  had to repair the failing Intumescent paint on the stand taking it back to bare steel applying a primer and then intumescent paint and finally  apply a full cosmetic. Work had to be done in between the race meetings so the racecourse was not affected by the repairs.

2) Car park at Bury

The Intumescent paint was failing so we had to repair the coating in a live car park blocking off sections at a time.


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